How to Teach Your Child About Gratitude This Holiday Season

The holidays can be overwhelming for parents when kids want more and more. It becomes a never-ending cycle of taking and want, instead of giving and need. The holidays can become a spend-fest if you let your child get away with being spoiled. This holiday season before lists are written teach your child about gratitude.


Why it’s Still Important to Give Your Kids Chores

Let’s face it: kids are lazy and are used to getting what they want without working for it. They have no respect and act entitled at home and at school. That’s why it is so important that parents teach kids responsibility and help build their character by giving them chores.  Character- Chores build character. Doing something you don’t …


Fun Confidence-Building Activities

Fun Confidence-Building Activities You Can Do On the Cheap – Or For Free Kids activities are so expensive. My next-door neighbor has his eight-year-old son in hockey, Spanish and Arabic lessons, soccer and [computer] coding club. Each month, they shell out nearly $1,000 for his extracurricular activities. Damien is busy …

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