5 Tech-FREE Activities To Do With Your Kids!


Screen time is one of those things that most moms have different feelings about. Some of us hate it, some of us tolerate it, and some of us live by it. And the rest of us go back and forth depending on the day! Well, no matter how you feel about screen time, here’s a list of some boredom busters that will keep your kids away from the TV and making memories!

1.  Put Together a Simple Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, making it perfect for lots of ages! You could provide simple hints like “bring me something red” for your toddlers or more involved clues for your older kiddos! If you have particularly stir crazy kids on your hands, you could take this scavenger hunt outside, but it’s a great indoor activity for a rainy day too! Talk about versatile!

2.  Take a Finger-paint Bath

Stick those kids in the bathtub, grab your washable finger-paints, and squirt it around for them to squish and spread and paint! Make sure that they aren’t jumping or standing up as it can get slippery! This is an especially great sensory activity for your mess-lovin’ toddlers. Clean-up is as simple as rinsing the tub out and filling it with clean water to wash off the little artists.

3.  Make Homemade Freezer Bag Ice Cream

Did you know you don’t need a fancy ice cream maker to make your own yummy ice cream at home?! In fact, letting your kids help you prep a batch of freezer bag ice cream is a great activity to get some energy out while they shake those bags for a good ten minutes! You can either make one batch or give each of your children their own smaller batch that they can flavor however they want. You can check out AllRecipe’s adorable ice cream in a bag recipe booklet for an easy to follow tutorial!

4.  Make Nature Journals and Go On a Nature Walk

Making nature journals can be as simple as stapling some scrap paper together, gathering some unused composition notebooks, or you can even take time to make it a fun craft project with your kids! Simply Rachel has put together a fun tutorial that uses brown paper lunch bags to make journals! How cute is that?!

5.  Tie Dye Some Old T-Shirts

Go through everyone’s drawers and find some old t-shirts, stains and all, that you can repurpose with some fun tie dye color! Usually you can find an easy to use tie dye kit from your local craft store or even on Amazon or you can get extra creative and try something like this DIY Kool Aid Tie Dye tutorial by One Hundred Dollars a Month!

There you have it! Guaranteed fun, away from the couch, and trying some new things! What are some of your favorite ways to encourage your kids to take a break from the screens and get that creativity flowing?!


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