7 Inexpensive Family Night Ideas


After a busy week of structure, weekends are reserved for a time to relax, have fun and create memories with the kids! Check out these simple ideas:

1. Movie and Snack Attack! Have the kids help throw together this easy and delicious trail mix recipe. Kids love to help cook and will enjoy eating it just as much! Put on a movie and get snackin’!

Movie Night Trail Mix

  •   Popcorn
  •   Mini M&Ms
  •   Mini pretzel twists
  •   Raisins (for bigger kids. Choking hazard.)
  •   Goldfish crackers
  •   Mini Marshmallows

2. Finger Foods and Board Games

Try a finger fruit and veggie tray with dip, rice krispy treats cut into mini squares and pizza bites! Kids love a bite sized smorgasbord over your favorite board games!

3. Indoor Camping

Get your flashlights, sleeping bags and s’mores ready! Set up a tent in the living room or sleep “under the stars.” S’mores can be baked in the oven! Stay up late and giggle!

4. Surprise Ice Cream Sundaes Out!

Eat dinner at home and tell the kids you’re taking them out for ice cream! Sit down and enjoy dessert together outside or inside but take the time to relax and enjoy the moment!

5. Family and Friends Dinner

For older kids, let them pick the menu for a Sunday afternoon friends and family dinner! Have them help prepare menu items and allow them to serve the guests. Help them experience the joys of serving others.

6. Collective Canvas

Grab some paint and a large canvas or card stock. Allow each member of the family to paint something on the canvas as a collective representation of family art! Take the time to talk about what each contribution means to the kids. Hang it proudly!

7. Indoor Fruit Bowling

This will take some preparation beforehand. Collect ten 2-liter bottles. Set them up like bowling pins. (You may need to add some rice or beans to the bottom of each.) Use a large grapefruit as a bowling ball. Prepare to laugh.


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