Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ages: 4 – 8 years old

I loved the first few years of school.  Fortunately, I had a lovely teacher in first grade who really knew how to make learning fun.

I remember clumsily trying for months to both use scissors and write neatly….

My teacher bought me a left-handed pair of scissors and declared me a lefty. Problem solved!

Although I loved school, I was really shy and often didn’t speak up.  My teacher, who has long since retired, would let me sit on her lap while she read a book, sensing that I was nervous in the loud group.

Now that I am an adult and watch my own son interact with his first grade teacher, I wish I had thanked her at some point.

I’ll be making sure to thank my son’s teacher this year …

A Letter to my Teacher is a great way to do it! This book is a beautiful gift to thank or inspire any teacher in your life, whether they be your own teacher or your child’s.

The young girl in this book clearly prefers running and jumping to sitting still and listening.  Do you blame her?

Written as a thank-you note to her special second grade teacher, we learn more of the girl’s personality as the book progresses.

From tugging on her teachers shirt and whispering in her ear, to pretending to choke so she doesn’t have to read aloud in front of the class … her teacher understands her struggles in the classroom. 

The teacher gently inspires the young girl and reminds her that learning to read takes time. She encourages her to keep trying and sure enough, second grade turns out to be “the best year ever!”

Young children may not fully comprehend the emotion in A Letter to my Teacher, but it will touch the heart of every adult that reads it.  Tissues may be required!

Deborah Hopkinson is a multi-award winning author and it shines through in this nostalgic narration penned in the form of a letter. 

Nancy Carpenter has illustrated over 200 childrens books and has captured the emotions of the spirited little girl in the story beautifully, from vignettes of splashing through puddles to double page spreads of classroom fun.

A Letter to my Teacher is a beautiful gift for any teacher in your life, whether they be your own teacher or your child’s.

This book is an idea graduation gift for someone about to embark on a teaching career, or a retirement gift for a great teacher moving on to a new stage in life.

A Letter to my Teacher is the perfect gift for any teacher!


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