Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ages: 3 – 8 years

Like a lot of children his age, my son finds it hard to sit still.  He starts off with good intentions by sitting on my lap and following along as I read the books out loud. 

But 10 pages in, he starts looking around the room for other things to do. 

But not with this book! 

ancient adventures

Ancient Adventures is a very short introduction to some of the epic bible stories that we all know and love.

With every turn of the page, he would pore over the pictures (there is a dove hidden on each page) and we would read the little rhyme introducing the adventure.  He would then ask me about the story which I could then explain in my own way.

Basically, Ancient Adventures is a massive win in our house!

Ancient Adventures is an introduction to a selection of EPIC Bible stories portrayed like never before. The perfect ‘’first look’’ at the bible stories that we all knew and loved ourselves as children.

ancient adventures

20 epic adventures are featured by way of an equally epic illustration and a few sentences introducing the story.

‘’Creation – The most ancient of stories, before day or night, God created the heavens …. Let there be light.’’

We are introduced to Adam and Eve, Noah and his ark, Abraham, Joseph, and Moses.

‘’Moses – He parted the Red Sea, and pushed water to great heights … Waves crashed down on the soldiers, freeing the Israelites.’’

ancient adventures

We discover Joshua, Gideon, Samson, David and Elijah.  We can’t forget Jonah, Daniel, Esther, The Three Wise Men, Mary Magdalene and of course, Jesus.

The story ends with a few sentences encouraging bedtime.

‘’As your evening winds down, and you turn off the bedroom light … There will be more of His stories tomorrow, say a pray and then good night.’’

Jimmy Lynn has once again, done an amazing job at interpreting bible teachings into words that young children can not only understand, but enjoy reading. (Check out his child-friendly version of the 10 Commandments).

Illustrator Javier Gimenez Ratti does an outstanding job of creating stand-out illustrations that are just as epic as the stories they represent. They are just perfect for capturing and retaining a child’s attention.

Portrayed like never before, Ancient Adventure is an introduction to a selection of EPIC Bible stories. The perfect ‘’first look’’ to the bible stories that we all knew and loved ourselves as children.


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