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Sometimes school kids can be a little unkind ….

I had a great friend at school who always sat beside me no matter what. Even that time I accidentally wore my shirt inside out and the other kids laughed.

I still do this sometimes …. although these days, it’s my children that giggle.

We’re still friends to this day and I have always been appreciative of her acceptance.  Sometimes a small act of kindness, such as standing beside a friend, has a huge impact.

What is being kind? Is it helping with housework? Or is it just sitting beside a friend when they’re sad?

Be Kind is a thoughtful picture book about the power of kindness and how two simple words can change the world.

Tanisha spills grape juice all over her new dress at school.  All the kids laugh.  Except one classmate, who tries really hard not too because her mom told her to always be kind.

The classmate tries to make Tanisha feel better about the purple stain on her dress.

“Purple is my favorite color,” she says to Tanisha.

She thought this would make Tanisha smile, but instead, Tanisha runs into the hall.

She thinks about Tanisha and ponders what it is to be kind. 

Is it …“Letting someone with smaller feet have my too-tight shoes?”  

Maybe it’s asking the new girl to be partners or listening to Aunt Franny’s stories.

“My mum says the quickest way to be kind is to use people’s names.”

She ponders that maybe if she can only do small things, her small things might join small things other people do….

And together, they could grow into something big!

So big, that the kindnesses spills out of the school and spreads throughout town, travels across the country and goes all the way around the world…

‘’Right back to Tanisha and me. So we can be kind.  Again.’’

The pictures show her giving Tanisha a painting she has done of purple flowers, with the final image showing Tanisha putting it on her bedroom wall.

Pat Zietlow Miller has created a beautiful and thoughtful story for children about being kind that doesn’t come on too heavy. Jen Hill illustrates this book perfectly, adding another dimension to the words and gently capturing the children’s emotions.

Be Kind is a New York Times bestseller about the power of kindness and how two simple words can change the world.


  1. Being a substitute teacher at one elementary school has been eye opening when it comes to kindness. I am working at the oldest school in our city with a high population of children living in the inner city. It’s not an affluent community for sure. Of course with poverty comes a whole lot of issues such as poverty, lack of food, and in a lot of cases, lack of parental supervision. Of course these children see a lot of the worst kinds of behavior and model that! Please understand that NOT ALL OUR CHILDREN are seeing these behaviors despite their living situations! Kindness is a way to make these little ones feel better about their lives and their situations! I do and say what I can to show how important kindness is to all of us! Love that you’re also promoting kindness too!

    • Even a little kindness goes a long way when it comes to children. Great job for modelling this behaviour to your school children. I’m sure you will be remembered in their hearts for years to come because of this!


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