Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ages: 4 – 7 years old

When my son started school for the first time, he was a little nervous.  Like quite a few children in his class, there were some tears shed …… and not just by the kids.

I didn’t know what to say, and blurted, “Come on, big boys don’t cry.”

I regretted saying this immediately, realizing that ‘big boys don’t cry’ was not the message I wanted to teach my child. After all, it’s just not true!

Big Boys Cry is a fantastic book for teaching our little men that it’s ok to show emotions …

Do you have a son or grandson?

Much like my little boy on his first day at school, Levi in Big Boys Cry is scared about attending a new school for the first time.

His papa doesn’t know how to calm his nerves and tells him, “Big boys don’t cry.”

So Levi doesn’t cry.

However, on his way to school he passes a fisherman crying as he says goodbye to his family before embarking on a long trip. He witnesses biker men, brainy men, young men and old men shedding a tear for various reasons.

“Big boys don’t cry,” he reminds himself.

Levi is a little confused, as he sees big boys crying in all sorts of places.  He sheds a tear himself.

Of course, like most little boys, he ends up having a pretty good day at school after all.  We follow Levi as he happily paints, reads and waves goodbye to his new friends.

On the walk home, Levi reflects on all he has seen and comes to his own conclusion. He is surprised to discover his papa has tears in his eye.

“It was your first day at a new school,” Papa explains. “And was scared.”

Levi tells Papa that big boys do cry to which he agrees.

First time author, Jonty Howley has illustrated Big Boys Cry uniquely with a seaside village feel. The illustrations are just beautiful, slightly masculine, and still have a soft feel making it appealing to a younger audience.

Do you have a son or grandson that would benefit from this book? Big Boys Cry is a great book for showing young boys that it’s ok to show their feelings.

Big Boys Cry is ideal for any family with a young boy!


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