My son …

‘’Mum, how did Noah stop the animals eating each other? What about the really scary animals? What if the boat fills up with water? What if they all got seasick like you?

My daughter (giggling) …

‘’What about all the animal poop … Eeewwwww!’’

Out of all the bible stories, Noah’s Ark has always been a huge hit with kids.  Your kids or grandkids will probably continue to be curious (like mine), but your whole family will have endless fun flipping through the wonderful hand-drawn illustrations and discovering how the animals and Noah lived inside the ark.

Beautifully illustrated like you’ve never seen before, Birds, Beasts, Critters & Creatures – The Story of Noah’s Ark is told in a manner perfect for children, introducing them to one of the Bible’s most loved tales.

We all know the epic story of Noah’s Ark.  This version tells the tale in a rhyming manner that kids can relate to…

‘’The largest thunderstorm, the world had ever seen …covered God’s great Earth, all things growing and green.  Washing the land, of all that’s not good, He chose a man named Noah to build an Ark of wood.’’

With the boat near completion, Noah calls the animals on board.  First come the birds, followed by the reptiles and then mammals.  They load day and night.

The water begins to rise and we see the animals safe on the Ark, the boat being thrown around by the large waves.

Noah makes sure all the animals are all right as we follow him around the boat.  He checks on the nocturnal creatures, tigers and cats, dogs and wolves, giraffes and zebras and the noisy birds

He even checks on the cold-blooded creatures, promising them that soon the clouds would be gone. There are rhinos, polar creatures, and creepy crawly creatures.

As the sun comes out, the Ark speeds towards land…

‘’After 40 days of adventure and 40 moons of goodnight, Life would begin again, a fresh rainbow and sunlight.’’

Jimmy Lynn has once again, done a great job at interpreting bible teachings into words that young children can not only understand, but enjoy reading.

Illustrator Ana Nguyen does a beautiful job with hand-drawn detailed illustrations that really just take this book to the next level.  The whole family will enjoy these illustrations.

Birds, Beasts, Critters & Creatures is the story of Noah’s Ark like you’ve never seen it before.  Told in a manner perfect for children with illustrations that will keep the whole family smiling from the beginning to the very end.


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