Review by: Tasha Cerny
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bedtimes are a precious part of your child’s life and finding the perfect book to bond over is an important piece of that. That’s why “Made for Me” is here to help give fathers a fun way to share their love with their children.

Read this rhyming story about a father’s bond with his child and let your child know how truly special they are.

“Made for Me” is a brilliant book written by a dad for dads.

Full of love and touching moments, the book offers a fun, melodic rhyming scheme your child is sure to enjoy.

Not too fast and not too slow, it’s the perfect length to send your child off to a happy, dreamy sleep at the end of a long day.

Filled with charming illustrations, “Made for Me” offers a bright color scheme that is sure to catch the eye and hold the attention of any child.

Designed with young children in mind and featuring a loving father nearly the size of the book, children are sure to see their own, bigger-than-life fathers reflected in the pages of the story.

A story that follows a father and child from the delivery room to his child’s first “big kid” bed, “Made for Me” is a great way for fathers to express the story of their love for their children.

Designed for boys and girls alike, dads on “bedtime duty” will find this story perfect for creating and building a truly unique relationship with their child.


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