Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ages: 4 – 8 years

Things usually go better if we pause and take a few breaths before reacting right?

Well, imagine if children could learn this skill? Imagine if we could teach children to self-regulate their emotions from a young age.

This book makes it possible!

Breathe Like a Bear sets the tone for focus, calm and positive energy by teaching age appropriate mindful practices. 

Pick a few favorites and incorporate them into your daily routine.  Have the kids try ‘’Today I’m going to be …’’ to set a positive tone for the day ahead.

‘’Send good thoughts’’ can be used to practice compassion and ‘’Candle Breath’’ can be practiced at bed-time to calm down.

I’m not going to lie, I found myself doing one of these exercises in the kitchen last week when I’d had a particularly long day.

Breathe Like a Bear is a beautifully illustrated, age appropriate guide to mindfulness. Kids and their parents will enjoy and benefit from these playful ideas to help kids connect to themselves.

The exercises are broken into the five different categories of Be Calm, Focus, Imagine, Make Some Energy, and Relax.

Be Calm techniques are for when kids have ants in their pants.   They will help settle young minds to begin to feel calm and peaceful.

The ”Hot Chocolate Technique” is a winner in our house!  It usually results in the kids asking for one …. you know… for the purpose of practicing the technique… 😊

Kids are asked to imagine they are holding a cup of hot chocolate in their hands.  It’s too hot, so to take a sip, you need to blow on it to cool it off. 

’Bring your cup up close to you, take a long breath in, and slowly blow the air out, to cool of your hot chocolate …

Now take a tiny a tiny little sip of your hot chocolate, and say Mmmmmm!’’

They are asked to make the Mmmm sound last as long as they can.

The “Rainstorm” technique is great for getting kids to focus.  The technique calls for hand clapping and foot stomping for thunder and lightning. They are asked to rub their hands together to make the sounds of the wind, which they then …

’Slow it down, slooooow it down, and stop.  Everything is still and quiet.’’

Kira Willey is an award-winning children’s music artist, kids’ yoga expert, and creator of Rockin’ Yoga school programs.  She has written an incredibly useful book for families and teachers, or anyone who has young children in their lives.  Anni Bets has illustrated this book just beautifully.  Even adults will love the cute, cheerful illustrations.

In this modern world where both children and adults are increasingly becoming disconnected, Breath Like a Bear helps kids connect to themselves, whether it’s to find their own inner calm or strong energy. A beautifully illustrated, age appropriate guide to mindfulness.


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