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The Rough Patch

New York Times bestselling author Brian Lies, has written and illustrated The Rough Patch, a beautifully illustrated children's story about love, loss and renewal.

Little Monkey Calms Down

Although frustrating for parents, young children have big feelings and don’t yet have the tools to deal with them. Little Monkey Calms Down is a great resource for teaching young children how to calm themselves down.

Big Boys Cry

Big Boys Cry, from author and illustrator Jonty Howley, is a fantastic book for teaching our little men that it’s ok to show emotions.

Dragons Love Tacos

In a world full of all work and no play, Dragons love Tacos is purely a book for children’s entertainment. This book is a FUN story for kids!

Where do Speedboats Sleep at Night?

Where do Speedboats Sleep at Night? is a great ‘things that go’ themed bed-time story, sure to engage any child full of curious questions and gently remind them it’s time to sail off to dreamland.

Poor Louie

Poor Louie by Tony Fucile is a great book for reassuring soon to be older siblings there is still plenty of room left for them and that everything is going to be ok.

The Bad Seed

From a New York Times Best Selling author, The Bad Seed proves that positive change is possible for every one of us.

Vegetables in Underwear

Vegetables in Underwear is guaranteed to get your kids interested in underwear, possibly even vegetables!


Triangle is going to play a sneaky trick on his friend Square .... or so he thinks! Triangle is both laugh-out-loud funny and great for younger kids learning to read. It reinforces an important message about being cheeky and unexpected consequences.

Alma and How She Got Her Name

It can be hard for young children to appreciate and be proud of their differences. Alma and How She Got Her Name is a great book for teaching children how to celebrate and take pride in their name and heritage.

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