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How Much is a Little Girl Worth?

A faith-based resource to inspire little girls to realize how truly precious they are, How Much is a Little Girl Worth is a tender anthem to little girls everywhere.

The Most Magnificent Thing

In a funny book that teaches children the rewards of perseverance and creativity, The Most Magnificent Thing also deals honestly with the feelings of frustration and anger that often accompany this process.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why

An essential parent reference for the ‘’Why’’ stage that all kids go through, National Geographic’s Little Kids First Big Book of Why is a fascinating resource giving accurate and age-level appropriate answers.

Ten Magic Butterflies

Fairies, butterflies and magic all work together to keep your child engaged and learning in Ten Magic Butterflies, a math-focused picture book for children.


A book that the whole family will enjoy reading over and over again, Stuck is a thoroughly entertaining picture book full of delightful chaos with a surprise ending. Stuck is proof that books are fun!

The Koala Who Could

In an inspiring picture book for children that acknowledges that change can be hard, The Koala Who Could is a wonderful rhyming story about being brave and trying something new that may seem scary at first. After all, ‘’Life can be great when you try something new!’’

Look I’m a Cook

Look I’m a Cook is bursting with tasty ideas and hands-on-learning experiences in the kitchen. Perfect for ages 3 – 7 years as they begin their first steps of independence in the kitchen and develop a healthy relationship with food.

Oscar the Octopus

The cleverly textured pages and lift the flaps in Oscar the Octopus are sure to keep young ones engaged for reading time. This months-of-the-year book is a great all-rounder learning book for ages 0 – 5.

The Invisible String

The Invisible String is an amazingly simple approach to overcoming separation anxiety, loneliness and loss. Children of all ages across the world can easily identify with and remember this very simple concept.

Silly Lullaby

Parents may groan but the little ones will love it. This book really is one of the best ways to say good night! Silly Lullaby is a cute bedtime book to help your child get settled for sleep.

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