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A tried and true trend is the annual family photo shoot. You would take them, give out printed photos over the holidays, and display them in your home and office. Today, the newer trend is not printing them, but sharing them all over social media! So, how do you get a Pinterest worthy photo shoot that you want to share with everyone you know? It all comes back to finding the right photographer, making sure you are on the same page with the expected results, and planning the right attire for your family.

When you decide you are ready to schedule your photo shoot, using social media to find a photographer whose work you like is a great start to getting the family pictures you dream of.

Today, you can use social media to research their work, pricing, availability, and even request a booking! You can also highlight the pictures you like and ask that they be used as inspiration for your family pictures. Remember, once you find the right photographer, you can utilize them for all your photography in the future. What a time saver!

Photographer Jenn C. says that she loves working with families that know what they want. When she knows what a family is looking for, she is able to capture those pictures more quickly while also offering additional suggestions to add to the experience without breaking the bank.

Pro-tip – No matter what type of photography you are looking for, communication with your photographer is key! Communicating together and referencing examples before your shoot helps you both! Do you plan on a wardrobe or location change? Or do you plan to stage different types of pictures at the same location and with the attire? Does time of day matter? Communicate early and often!

Jenn C. also recommends attire that coordinates, instead of matching.  She recommends limiting patterns and deciding on a color palette and working from there.  However, before deciding on a palette, she recommends thinking about where the pictures will be displayed. If you plan to display your pictures in your living room, and your home is full of neutrals, would like you to have colors that pop? Or would you prefer to have a photograph that coordinates in the same shades? Do you children have favorite colors that you would like to include, or even a new item of clothing you would like to work into the shoot? These are important considerations and ones that can provide peace of mind during the photo shoot and until you receive your pictures!

With a little bit of pre-planning and communication, your family pictures will turn out just as you hoped and will be the pictures other families are using for their inspiration!

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