Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ages: Baby to 4 years

When it comes to toddler books, you can’t go wrong with anything by Sandra Boynton.

Cute dinosaurs in pajamas + Sandra Boynton’s magic = Best bedtime book for toddlers ever!

My four-year-old just adores this book and it has quickly turned into our new bedtime favorite. 

We clean our teeth and wash up (just like the dinosaurs), wiggle and stretch (just like the dinosaurs) and put our pajamas on (just like the …. You get the point!)

Dinosnores is the perfect book for toddler bedtime routines, helping young kids wind down with a rhyming ritual of getting ready for bed.

‘’When the sun has gone down and the blue stars appear … Then the dinosaurs know that their bedtime is near.’’

The dinosaurs go through a standard bed-time routine.  They all clean their teeth and faces, wiggle and stretch, put on their cozy pajamas and then … YAAAAWWWNNNN.

After this routine, they all settle down into a big dinosaur heap and fall asleep.

Except … Once they start dreaming, the snoring begins!

‘’Honk SHOOOOOOOO! Honk SHOOOOOOOO!” (Kids just love this part!)

They snoring goes on and on and they don’t stop till the first morning light.

A cute bunny appears on the last page, dressed in bright red pajamas….

‘’Thank goodness those dinosnores live far, far away,’’ he says.

Sandra Boynton has written and illustrated over 60 children’s books since 1974 and is also a popular American cartoonist, songwriter, producer, and director. She writes great little books for great little kids and you can never go wrong with a Boynton book when it comes to toddlers.

In a rhyming ritual of getting ready for bed, Dinosnores is the perfect book for a toddler’s bedtime.  Helping young kids wind down for sleep time, it’s the perfect length for young minds and parents (who don’t want bedtime to take all night).


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