Rating:   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   Ages: 3 to 8 years

It’s ok to be different.  It’s ok to be YOU!

It’s one of the most valuable gifts we can give our children… the confidence to be themselves.  The knowledge that it’s perfectly ok to be different from others.

Just like Fiona in the children’s picture book, Fiona Flamingo, we all have times when we feel uncomfortable about who we are. 

Children can follow Fiona through her colorful day as she experiences a range of emotions before finally realizing that being different is actually what makes her fabulous.

Fiona Flamingo is a colorful, rhyming, feather-filled picture book about learning to accept who you are and reinforcing that it’s ok to be scared, angry and sad at times.

Fiona was born on a beautiful, sunny afternoon and grew up making lots of friends.  As time passed, they all became stronger, pinker and grew longer feathers.

‘’The turned pinker and pinker with each feather they grew.  The got bigger and bigger until some of them flew.’’

Except … Fiona’s feathers were bright white! Her friends didn’t know what to think and squawked at her that Flamingo’s are supposed to be pink. 

She feels emotional and asks her friends not to make a scene. 

‘’Fiona started shaking, and her feathers turned to …GREEN!’’ Her friends squawked louder and her feather grew greener.

Fiona gets mad at her friends squawking and telling her she is supposed to be pink.  Her feathers turn … RED! She turns blue when she is sad, and grey when she is lonely.

A young chick floats up and admires her feathers, ‘’I hope my feathers change colors when I’m as big as you!’’

This is a turning point for Fiona, she flashes a happy smile and erupts in color.  No feather was like any other … she is now a fabulous rainbow of colors and that’s the way she stays!

Rachael Urrutia Chu has written a wonderful, rhyming story with a message suitable for a wide audience.  Kate Jefferey has illustration Fiona Flamingo gloriously, each page a colorful piece that will be appreciated by both younger and older readers.

In a colorfully illustrated, feather filled pictured book about learning to accept who you are, Fiona Flamingo goes through a range of emotions before reinforcing that it’s perfectly ok to be YOU.


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