Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ages: 0 – 4 years

First published in 1947, Goodnight Moon is an American children’s book in which a cute little bunny says ‘’good night’’ to everything in and around his room.

Do you know what this means?

That children have been putting off sleep for that extra ten minutes it takes to say goodnight to EVERYTHING in their room for over SEVENTY YEARS!

A lot has changed …. But some things never do!

Beloved by generations of readers and listeners, Goodnight Moon is a classic of children’s books, just perfect for bedtime reading.

The book begins with a little bunny tucked into bed. The illustrations are delightfully from an older era and are nice and bright for a younger audience!

‘’In the great green room

There was a telephone

And a red balloon

And a picture of – ‘’

The words describe the room and the items within. On the walls of the room, are hanging pictures that make reference to some even older classics, such as The Three Bears.

The cute little bunny wearing blue and white striped night clothes, starts saying goodnight to everything in his room … beginning with his room.

‘’Goodnight room’’

He lists a number of things, even saying goodnight to his comb and brush.

An older rabbit knitting in a rocking chair, patiently waiting for him to go to sleep, whispers for him to hush.

The room appears to get darker as the night continues on

Margaret Wise Brown wrote hundreds of books in her life, but is best known for Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny.  Margaret has written a pleasantly rhyming children’s book just perfect for bedtime, and it’s still popular over seven decades after it was first published. 

Illustrated by Clement Hurd in mostly primary and secondary colors, the older era feel to these illustrations are absolutely charming.

Goodnight Moon is a must for every bookshelf and a time-honored gift for baby showers and other special events.  A classic of children’s books just perfect for bedtime reading!


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