Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ages: 4 -8 years

My son attends Grade One at a small catholic school in our home town.  It’s a really great school and they focus on important values such as respect and being kind to others.

So when we read, Harry the Happy Mouse, my son pointed out that Harry was just like Mary … because he was kind to everyone.

As a result, Harry the Happy Mouse is now one of his favorite books!

And you know what? I’m really happy about it.

This book gets the important message across in a ‘’sneaky’’ way.  What I mean by this is, it’s not in the slightest bit preachy (kids don’t respond to this) and instead, shows the child by example in the story itself.

Harry the Happy Mouse is a #1 best-selling children’s book that teaches the incredibly important values of being kind and paying it forward in a non-preachy way.

And myself, well I just love the cute illustrations of all the animals!

Harry the Happy Mouse lives with his wife.  They are shown holding hands in a meadow, looking out across a stream with a cobblestone bridge over it. Life appears good for these two little mice.

Every summer’s evening, after something to eat, He strolled along the stream, to see who he’d meet

Harry comes across a frog who was stuck on a log.

‘’Help me, I’m stuck!’’ the Frog shouted down. ‘’Quickly Happy Mouse! I don’t want to drown!’’

Of course, Harry is able to rescue the frog.  When Frog thanks Mouse for his efforts, Mouse tells him not to thank him, but to just help someone too!

He explains that when you help someone else it makes you feel grand ….

‘’So, when someone needs help, just give them a hand!’’

The Frog goes on to help Mole, paying it forward as requested. Mole goes on to pay it forward by helping Bat.

When Harry finally arrives home, he is feeling a little down as he can’t find anyone else to help.  His wife tells him she has a surprise for him.

She explains the frog he helped, went on to help a mole and a cat.  The cat went on to assist a dog and a rat. The dog helped an owl and the owl helped a bird. The bird helped a whole herd of cows!

All the animals are now here to see Harry the Happy Mouse and the kindness is spreading.  Harry learns he has started a whole chain of events by just helping one.

N.G.K. is the author behind this best-selling children’s picture book and has teamed up with Illustrator, Janelle Dimmett to produce what is already being called ‘’a future classic.’’

Harry the Happy Mouse teaches children the important lesson of being kind to others and paying it forward. Kids respond well to the non-preachy manner, cute rhymes and beautiful illustrations, making it a top seller that is also used in schools.


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