Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ages: 4 – 8 years

How much is a little girl worth? ….

… This book brought tears to my eyes.  Written tenderly, it’s a great opportunity to snuggle up and remind your little girl how precious she is.

The world listened when author Rachael Denhollander asked this powerful question at the sentencing hearing of Larry Nassar.  Now she answers that question in a book that reinforces to little girls they are worth more than they could imagine.

How Much is a Little Girl Worth? is a faith-based resource to inspire little girls to realize how truly precious they are.

“How much, how much are you worth, precious girl? How much is a little girl worth?”

‘’More than the sun and the moon and the sky, More than the shimmering sea.’’

The book reads like a poetic anthem to be read out loud to a child, reinforcing to that child that they are worth speaking up for.

The faith message is loud and strong, teaching that a child’s value is found not in what they can do or the things they win or accomplish.  It is not found in intellect or friendships. Nor can anyone make their value any less.

Their value is found in how they were made, created and cherished by god.

In a letter to readers at the beginning of the book, Rachael Denhollander says there are many voices competing to tell our daughters what they are worth, defining their value by something outside of themselves like what they wear, who their friends are or what they can do. She believes one of the most important things we can do is stand against these voices.

Illustrator Morgan Huff has used tender, child-like imagery to reinforce the message. Showcasing different seasons and ethnicities, the illustrations are just beautiful.

A faith-based resource to inspire little girls to realize how truly precious they are, How Much is a Little Girl Worth is a tender anthem to little girls everywhere.


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