How to Teach Your Child About Gratitude This Holiday Season


The holidays can be overwhelming for parents when kids want more and more. It becomes a never-ending cycle of taking and want, instead of giving and need. The holidays can become a spend-fest if you let your child get away with being spoiled. This holiday season before lists are written teach your child about gratitude.

Teach your child giving- Part of learning about gratitude is learning about giving. Your child needs to learn that it is better to give than receive. By giving to others your child learns to respect what they have and be thankful for what they get.

Teach your child respect- When your child learns to respect the costs of what they want and need, they will gain an understanding of what it takes to get the things they have. Your child learns to be grateful and appreciate what they have.

Teach your child appreciation- Most kids don’t appreciate the things they have. All they want is the most expensive or the biggest toy, game, or electronic. Teaching your child appreciation of what they have helps them learn to be thankful for what they receive. Try to put what they have into perspective by helping them understand their privilege.

Teach your child thankfulness- One way kids can learn gratitude is to be taught thankfulness. When your child learns to be thankful for everything they have, they will learn the importance of gratitude.

Teach your child thoughtfulness- When your child is taught to be thoughtful, they learn to be grateful. By being thoughtful for what they have they learn to be understanding of others and will become more empathetic.



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