Improving Time Management Skills as A Mom


Moms, do you find yourselves with never enough time in a day? Twenty-four hours sounds like a lot of time to get everything done, but when your busy schedule says otherwise those hours are hardly enough. Here are some simple but tried-and-true ways to fix up your time management skills.

  • 1. Getting the kids to school on time

Ready-set-go! The alarm goes off, you get up, get dressed, get the kids up, make breakfast, fix lunches, and think you are all set to go out the door. Wrong! No matter what you seem to do, something will always cause the kids to be late for school.  Following these easy steps will help you improve your time management skills as a mom and get the kids to school on time:

Ready-Prepare! Lay out clothes and fix lunches the night before. Plan breakfast menus on Sunday for the entire school week, make ahead, freeze, and pop in the microwave. The things that slow your school morning routine, become simple when following these tips.

Set- Set daily goals. When you set time management goals, you set yourself up to succeed in improving. Know your plan of attack the night before and set reminders on your phone (they come in handy sometimes!) that can help you remember what you’re making for breakfast tomorrow and which kid has a project due that day.

Go- Learn to go and not stop. When you’re ready and set, all you need do is go out the door.

  • 2. Tick-tock, set the clocks

Time will keep on slipping away if you let it. There will never be enough time in the day if you fail to launch. The best way to improve your time management skills as a mom is to set the clocks.

Alarm yourself- Set every clock in your home. Alarm yourself awake. By setting every clock, there is less risk of failure to get up and out the door. Alarm yourself to improve your time management skills.

Get up with the chickens- To improve your time management skills get up with the chickens. Try setting your alarm an hour before you usually do so you can begin to adjust to a new routine better..

  • 3. Double duty

Improving your time management skills as a mom means double duty with your partner.

Time share- You’re not the only one who needs to run the household. There are only 24 hours in a day, and learning to time share with your partner and split up responsibilities in the mornings will greatly help you manage your time.


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