Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Age: 2 – 6 years

Sometimes when I’m reading a book to the kids, they lose interest half way and start annoying each other.

Which of course, is annoying for me as well ….

But this never happens with Little Blue Truck!

The story has this really pleasant rhythm and rhyme to it that keeps it flowing, and there is a spattering of vehicle and animals sounds which they just love to make.  It’s a great combination that ensures the kids don’t get bored half way through!

As an added bonus, the story reinforces the benefits of being friendly and the value of friendship.

Little Blue Truck is a joyful book offering a great message that will keep youngsters engaged right to the end.

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We are introduced to Little Blue Truck on the very first page, and also to the lovely rolling rhythm of this book.

‘’Horn went ‘Beep!’, Engine purred. Friendliest sounds you ever heard.’’

The Little Blue Truck beeps hello to a big green toad, who responds with a ‘’croak!’’ and a wink of the eye.

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Following along, he greets a sheep, cow and a pig.  Of course, they all respond with a ‘’Baaa!’’, ‘’Moo!’’ and ‘’Oink!’’

A chicken and her chick, a goat and a horse also call out a greeting in response as he passes by.

’Honk!’’ yelled a dump truck, ‘’Coming through!’’.  The dump trunk claims he has big important things to do and doesn’t have to time to …. ‘’pass the day with every duck along the way.’’

review little blue truck

When the rude dump truck gets stuck in the mud, nobody cares to hear his ‘’Honk’’ for help.

Little Blue Truck attempts to rescue him, but soon they are both stuck.

However, all the animals come running when Little Blue Truck calls for help. With one final push on the count of three, and extra assistance from the big green toad, the trucks are finally free.

The dump truck learns a valuable lesson about being friendly and receiving a helping hand from a few good friends.

Alice Schertle is a poet and author of many well-loved books for children.  Her rhythmic, rolling style in this book makes it an easy read to engage children. 

Illustrator Jill McElmurry captured this book just perfectly.  Unfortunately, Jill passed away in 2017 ….. but it’s wonderful to own this book as a memento to a great artist.

Little Blue Truck offers a great message about the importance of being kind and the value of friendship.  It’s a joyful story that will keep youngsters engaged right to the very end.

review little blue truck


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