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Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Dr. Seuss celebrates the potential we all have within. Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Is the perfect send-off for grads of all ages – from nursery school, high school, college and beyond – to encourage them to find that the success that lies within.

Where is the Green Sheep

Where is the Green Sheep is a thoroughly entertaining easy reader that will keep both kids and adults entertained to the very end. I have no doubt whatsoever that decades from now, this book will still be a winner!

Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are is a true timeless children’s classic about a small boy, his large imagination and the journey it takes him on.

The Gruffalo

This award-winning rhyming story of a mouse that outwits a monster has earned its place as a modern classic and will no doubt, continue to be a favorite for decades to come. No bookshelf is completed without The Gruffalo!

Press Here

Press Here provides an opportunity for your child to practice listening and following instructions, counting, and recognizing different colors, while giving them what’s important: more quality time with you.

Good Night, Gorilla

Good Night Gorilla will be always welcome, always funny and always delightful in any house that has children. A children’s classic, and a must have for any family with little ones.

Harry the Happy Mouse

Harry the Happy Mouse teaches children the important lesson of being kind to others and paying it forward. Kids respond well to the non-preachy manner, cute rhymes and beautiful illustrations, making it a top seller that is also used in schools.

The Day the Crayons Came Home

Make story time with your child more colorful with this creative and cute book!

Oi Cat!

Oi Cat is a clever, rhyming, read-aloud picture book, featuring silliness, animals and some great illustrations. Guaranteed to be a repeat reader, everything about this book is a winner!

I Have An Idea

From a New York Times Bestseller, ''I Have an Idea'' brings all the color and wonderment of ''Press Here'' and adds to it a motivational message.

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