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Made for Me: The Book for “Bedtime” with Dad

Bedtimes are a precious part of your child’s life and finding the perfect book to bond over is an important piece of that. That’s why “Made for Me” is here to help give fathers a fun way to share their love with their children.
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Book Review: Made for Me

When you don’t have the words, this book says it for you… Some books are forgotten soon after reading them, but every now and then you discover one that you find yourself reaching for time and time again.

How to Get your Kid into the Kitchen

Kids are naturally curious, and a great way to encourage that curiosity is by having them help in the kitchen. After all, cooking is really just another name for science! Choosing a recipe, gathering the ingredients, mixing it all up and waiting to see how it turns out- that’s the scientific process right there. It’s also a great way to encourage their creativity- they can help make faces on pancakes using fruit or arrange the food on a plate into an eye-catching design.

What to Consider Before Getting a Family Pet

If you have kids, then you probably have been asked a thousand times; ‘can I have a pet?’. Kids love pets but need to understand the responsibility that comes with owning one.

Simple but Delicious Christmas Recipes to Bake with Your Kids!

Kids love to help in the kitchen and there’s no better time than Christmas to let then help you bake.With simple, delicious Christmas recipes, even a five year can help bake, these yummy recipes will have little tummies smiling.

Top 10 Hottest Toys Right Now

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time for wish lists. Kids are jumping up and down for the hottest toys on the market. Parents, you all need to know what your kids want right now, and I’ve got the list here!

Fun & Easy Holiday Crafts to Do with Your Child

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means it is time for fun and easy holiday crafts! Holiday crafts bring families together and provide hours of fun for kids ages five and up. These fun and easy holiday crafts can be made from items you have lying around the house.

Ways Your Child Can Help Out in Your Community

As a parent you want your child to learn how to be compassionate and empathetic toward others. One way to instill these values is to get your child involved in helping out in your community.

How to Teach Your Child About Gratitude This Holiday Season

The holidays can be overwhelming for parents when kids want more and more. It becomes a never-ending cycle of taking and want, instead of giving and need. The holidays can become a spend-fest if you let your child get away with being spoiled. This holiday season before lists are written teach your child about gratitude.

Dinner Recipes The Whole Family Can Help With

Cooking dinner together is a great way to get the family having fun! Getting the kids in the kitchen to help you out with dinner not only teaches them how to cook but also provides hours of fun and memories.

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