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Ages: 3 – 7 years old

My son was 2.5 years old when his younger sister was born.  He was excited when we first broke the news, but the novelty wore off very quickly when I was suddenly too unwell to go anywhere or do anything fun.

Much like my son, Louie in the children’s book Poor Louie, had the perfect life.  However, the pending arrival of a new sibling upsets the balance of his family and he starts to wonder if there is any room left for him.

Poor Louie by Tony Fucile is a great book for reassuring soon to be older siblings that there is still plenty of room left for them!

A walk every morning, snuggling in bed with Mom and Dad, ice cream on Sunday and playdates with his Mom’s friends.  Life couldn’t get any better!

After all, Louie is a pampered chihuahua who has his Mom and Dad’s undivided attention.

But all of that changes. Dad shelters mom from the rain instead of Louie, his food is served cold on the floor and there is no room left in Mom and Dad’s bed.

Poor Louie!

Playdates with his Mom’s friend have even changed! Now they involve crawling creatures who pull his ears. New stuff starts coming into the house in pairs.  Two little sweaters, two little beds and even a double stroller.

So, when Mom and Dad rush off quickly to the hospital leaving him alone in the house, he decides to run away. He doesn’t get far before a friendly face brings him home.

Sitting in the dark, feeling sorry for himself, the door opens a creak and a shaft of light falls on Louie.

Mom’s voice calls out, ‘Lou? … Louie, meet your baby brother.’

As soon as he lays eyes on his sibling, Louie understands that it’s going to be ok.  The story ends with Louie riding in the double stroller beside his new baby brother and all is well in his world again.

Tony Fucile illustrates this book beautifully with a fluid line-and-color style. If the imagery seems familiar, it’s probably because Fucile has helped bring to life big hit cartoon feature films such as the Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles.

It can be hard for young children when their comfortable and familiar routine suddenly changes.  Poor Louie is a great book for reassuring them that these changes can be a positive experience. 

Poor Louie is ideal for any family with a new baby on the way!

Poor Louie Review


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