Simple but Delicious Christmas Recipes to Bake with Your Kids!


Kids love to help in the kitchen and there’s no better time than Christmas to let then help you bake. With simple, delicious Christmas recipes, even a five year can help bake, these yummy recipes will have little tummies smiling.


Reindeer Cookies– These simple cookies take no time to bake and are simple to make.


1 pkg. refrigerated gingerbread cookie dough

1 gingerbread man cookie cutter

1 tub chocolate frosting

1 bag stick pretzels

Red and brown M & M’s

Black or red licorice



Remove cookie dough from package

Roll out dough

Use cookie cutter to cut out gingerbread men

Bake as directed, let cool

Once cookies are cool, turn upside down

Ice the antlers with chocolate frosting, add a couple pieces of pieces of pretzels to antlers

For eyes, dab frosting and stick on brown M & M’s

For nose, dad frosting and stick on red M & M

For mouth, use a piece of licorice.


Popcorn SantasThese yummy treats melt in your mouth and kids love to make fat snowmen.


Ready-made popcorn balls

Red spray food coloring

Black licorice whip

Red fruit rolls

Brown & Red M & M’s

Vanilla frosting



For the body of Santa, spray one popcorn ball red with spray food coloring, let dry.

Add top half with frosting

Dab frosting for Santa’s eyes, add brown M & M’s

Add black licorice whip around bottom half with frosting

For Santa’s hat, made a triangle from fruit roll

Add red M & M’s with frosting for mouth


Rice Cereal Snowmen– This yummy treat only requires a few ingredients that are easy for any kid to make. 


1 11oz. box or bag rice cereal 

1 jar marshmallow cream fluff

Brown & Red M & Ms

Black licorice whips

Vanilla frosting

Red fruit rolls



Prepare rice cereal balls by making cereal and marshmallow fluff. Roll into about 16in. balls

Place two balls together with frosting

Cover entire ball with frosting

Use frosting for eyes, add brown M & Ms

Use frosting for mouth and add red M & Ms

Tie a black licorice whip around the “neck” part to make a scarf

Add a dab of frosting for buttons, stick on M & Ms

For the hat, fold a fruit roll into a triangle and add to top


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