Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ages: 3 – 7 years

We’ve all done it before!  Gotten something stuck in a tree, like a ball or a kite, and thrown something else up there to knock it down.

This is EXACTLY what Stuck is about…

…and it’s hilarious!

We don’t always need to share books with strong social-emotional messages and lessons.  Sometimes, we just need a book to make the kids laugh and remind the family the reading is fun.

Stuck is a thoroughly entertaining picture book full off delightful chaos with a surprise ending. This book is proof that books can be fun!

It all began when Floyd got his kite stuck in a tree, and he couldn’t get it down.  The trouble really began when he threw his favorite shoe to knock the kite loose … and THAT got stuck too!

Floyd launches more and more things into the tree to knock his kite loose, including his other shoe and Mitch the cat.  Everything he throws at the tree to dislodge his kite gets stuck too.

He decides to sort it out once and for all and gets a ladder …. Which he also throws in the tree!

He throws more and more items in the tree, each one more outrageous than the next, including a whale.  He finally gets it down with a saw, but not in the way you think!

Oliver Jeffers is an internationally best-selling author-illustrator and artist and this book is one of his greats!

A book that the whole family will enjoy reading over and over again, Stuck is a thoroughly entertaining picture book full of delightful chaos with a surprise ending.  Stuck is proof that books are fun!


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