Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ages: 4 – 7 years

Do you feel like a better parent when you both read to your child and sneak in some learning?

I do!

Ten Magic Butterflies is a math-focused picture book full of fairies, butterflies, and magic to keep your child engaged in learning the different combinations of numbers that add up to ten.

Ten flower friends are shown in a garden, all of them happy.  They soak up the sun, talk and laugh all day long.

In the evening, as the fairies flew ‘’from the moonlit night to the morning dew’’, they had a secret desire to fly.

One of the flowers gets a fairy’s attention, and tells her, ‘’I’m tired of being a flower, just stuck on the ground.  I want new adventures – to zoom all around!’’

So the fairy waves her wand and turns the blue flower into a blue butterfly. Now there is 1 butterfly and 9 flowers, but there are still ten of them.

The other flowers wish to be butterflies too, and as they are changed, children learn different combinations of numbers that equal ten.

When the morning comes, they see the other flowers soaking up the sun and notice their tired wings.  Realizing the grass isn’t always greener, they ask to be turned back into flowers.

The author, Danica Mckellar, (the actress who played Winnie on The Wonder Years from 1988 – 1993) has included a page in the back discussing why she believes math is important from a young age and gives some suggestions on how to include math in our young one’s lives.

Illustrator Jennifer Bricking has created cute yet bold illustrations with an animated feel to compliment the story.

Fairies, butterflies, and magic all work together to keep your child engaged and learning in Ten Magic Butterflies, a math-focused picture book for children. 


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