Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ages: 4 – 8 years

My mom has a scarecrow in her vegetable garden.  We made it for fun when I was a kid and although we didn’t actually need him, he made for a great ornament between the raised garden beds of broccoli and snap peas.

We have replaced his clothes and straw over the years as he holds great sentimental value, but I have always felt he looked a little lonely. 

So, when I read a beautiful picture book called The Scarecrow, my heart soared and my eyes welled up a little.

The Scarecrow is a wonderfully illustrated picture book about the power of a friendship that spans across the seasons.  A novel twist on the theme of love between adversaries, this is a story that will inspire children (and adults) for generations to come.

We are introduced to Scarecrow in the Autumn sunshine as he guards the fields of gold. No one enters his field, not the fox, deer, mice or crow.  He stands alone and it’s all he knows.

Winter comes with its velvet snow and Scarecrow dreams of what Spring will bring.

A small, scared crow drops from the air.  Scarecrow does a strange thing; he bends down and saves the baby crow.  Tucking him in his heart of hay, he makes a little nest for him under the bib of his denim overalls. Both appear content.

The crow grows in Scarecrow’s heart and they forget who they really are, becoming close friends.

Eventually, the crow learns to fly and Scarecrow knows that he must stay and crow must go. Summer sunshine and Autumn chill pass.  Snowflakes arrive and Scarecrow stands alone with an empty heart.

However, a large black crow drops from the air. Scarecrow opens his arms wide and the crow swoops inside. There is a rainbow bringing light to the drizzle.

The sun is shining again and all is joyful in Scarecrow’s world. Springtime is due and another crow appears. Soon enough, a nest with five eggs is shown tucked behind the overalls in Scarecrow’s heart.

They hatch and grow ….

‘’And he will love them from the start and they will grow up in his heart.’’

Beth Ferry has written a novel twist on the theme of love between adversaries in a simple story that is ever so meaningful.  The widely acclaimed Fan Brothers have illustrated this story perfectly, adding small yet important touches to the story. 

I have read over 100 picture books this year and the illustrations in this one are by far my favorite!

The Scarecrow is an inspiring children’s picture book about the power of a friendship that spans across the seasons, a wonderful take on the theme of love between adversaries.  This story is simple and incredibly meaningful, an important addition to any bookshelf.


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