Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ages: 3 – 8 years

Christmas is the time of year where miracles are possible and The Snowman’s Song proves it ….

… I just love a happy ending, don’t you?

The nostalgic illustrations of The Snowman’s Song will entice you to open this book, and the first paragraph will hold you there with its hints of magic.

the snowman's song

I also love how some of the vocabulary is slightly challenging for younger kids.  This is exactly how kids learn!  By being engrossed in a beautifully illustrated book and asking questions about the words. 

I love that phrases such as ‘’lyrical sounds like a heavenly flute’’ haven’t been simplified, removing the beauty from it. I was pleased when my kids interrupted to ask what it meant and as a result, their minds have expanded just that little bit more. 

The Snowman’s Song is the perfect Christmas gift for a child in your life.  Beautifully illustrated in a nostalgic style with a great message of holding onto hope.  This book is ideal for snuggling up and reading out loud.

The snowman's song

 ‘’It’s true, you know, that people of snow … send their thoughts around without making a sound.’’

People of snow being snowman of course!

We learn that the little snowman in the book wants to sing.  He sends this thought to his mother.  But his mother knows that snow people can’t sing, after all, snow doesn’t make a sound.

He declares that he wants his voice to be like church bells or harps that angels play in the clouds.  A bright bird tells him that he can sing but he just needs to really believe it. So he puts on a brave face and works hard to replace his doubts and fears.

the snowman's song

One day, a little girl finds him.  She plays with him for most of the day, straightening his hat and draping her red winter scarf around him.

She gives him hope when she whispers in his hear, ‘’I know you can hear me.  I really believe it.’’ The little snowman prays to be able to sing.

The little girl returns with a gift for him.  A necklace made of silver bells, gold stars and snowflakes of blue. It tinkles like spoons hitting glass and the gesture of kindness made his heart feel light.

A huge forceful blast of winter wind comes, but something magical happens with his tinkling bell necklace.  The holes near his snowy face ‘’blew out lyrical sounds like a heavenly flute … ‘’His dream was fulfilled, he was no longer mute.’’

Marilee Joy Mayfield has captured the most sweetest story of a snowman you’ll ever come across and Tracy La Rue Hohn has illustrated it with the slight hint of nostalgia that it deserves.

A beautifully illustrated Christmas story of hope, The Snowman’s Song is the perfect Christmas gift for a child in your life.  With its nostalgic vibes and great message of hope, this book is ideal for snuggling up and reading out loud.


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