Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ages: 3 – 8 years

I’ve mentioned this before, but before reading picture books to the kids, I like to sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy reading them myself.

I really enjoyed this one!

I felt like a child again reading this adorable book.  A child sitting up as straight as she could, with her arm straight up in the air, saying ‘’Pick me! I want to be your friend!’’

The Yeti is Ready is an enjoyable book about an adorable Yeti who just can’t wait for a friend to visit.  Would you hike up the cold mountain to be her friend?

the yeti is ready

‘’Deep in the Himalayas, beyond small mountain villages and snow-filled valleys … Across glacial fields and through dangerous icefalls … There lives a yeti.  Alone.’’

We learn that yetis don’t get many visitors.  It’s just the way it is up there.  It’s a shame though because this particular yeti is special.

This yeti is kind and patient, has dozens of fun games, makes the best guacamole and is even a pretty good saxophone player.

the yeti is ready

Every morning she gets her house ready in case a visitor arrives to be her friend. She makes up the guest bed, heats up some popcorn …. and then she waits.

But no one shows up!

Sometimes she thinks, ‘’What if no one ever comes? What is there’s no one out there to be my friend?’’

the yeti is ready

But she doesn’t give up.  She has faith that her guacamole is way too good not to be shared and that she plays sax too well to be in a band of one. She has faith that there is a friend out there somewhere.

So if you like guacamole, hot cocoa, board games, karaoke and movies with buttery popcorn. If you’re willing to climb steep cliffs where the air is thin and the temperature is always freezing …

The Yeti is ready.

the yeti is ready
Is that a hiker making their way to the Yeti’s front door?

Both author and illustrator, Royce Kunze has created an enjoyable book that makes you feel … something.  This book can be interpreted as deep or as simple as its young readers require.  You won’t be able to help falling in love with this adorable yeti.

In a story of faith, The Yeti is Ready is a surprising book about an adorable Yeti who doesn’t give up hope that a friend will visit.  Do you want to go up the mountain to the path’s end to make friends with the Yeti?


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