Rating:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Age: 2 – 5 years

REVIEW by Tash Cerny

My nephew loves to learn about trucks. Whether it’s reading about them, listening to a video, or seeing them in person, his curiosity knows no bounds!

I want to encourage that motivation to discover and learn as much as possible.

Did you know that without trucks, driving on paved roads, using energy from dams, and living in tall buildings would be nearly impossible?

These are a few of the things my nephew has discovered since reading Tough Trucks.

A wonderful book to hold the interest and imagination of any little truck enthusiast, Tough Trucks is a great introductory reading book sure to expand your child’s reading vocabulary while sparking their interest in discovery and learning.

Offering 30 pages of easy-to-read fun-facts about some of the biggest and coolest types of trucks, Tough Trucks is a book dedicated to instilling a love of reading and learning in your child through practice.

Designed with beginning readers in mind, Tough Trucks is the perfect book to practice sight and sound words. Parents and young readers can go through the book together, while older, interested readers are sure to pick the book up and learn new things all by themselves!

Full of fun facts and easy to digest information, Tough Trucks is sure to hold your child’s attention from cover to cover. For older readers hungry for more interaction and educational engagement, Tough Trucks offers interactive pages filled with puzzles and quizzes.

Learning Ladders’ unique textbook-like formatting, with easy-to-read and engage-with content is sure to grab and hold the attention of your young readers and truck-enthusiasts alike.

Designed as an introduction to school or workbook-like reading material, Tough Trucks will prepare your child to navigate through school work material while building their reading literacy.

Your child will love Tough Trucks easy, informative writing and usability, as well as its colorful illustrations. It’s a must-have for every truck, vehicle, and construction-enthusiast’s bookshelf!


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