Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ages: 4 – 7 years

I’ve mentioned this before, but I like to read the kid’s picture books alone before we read them together.

Most days, I’m very time poor and don’t have time (or the attention span) for an adult novel. So, I really enjoy the quiet five minutes where I sit down with a cup of tea to read what is usually a cute book.

When I got to page four, I sniggered.

When I got to page ten, I laughed so hard, I knocked my cup of tea over.

I shouldn’t have bothered cleaning it up right away because this book is hilarious from page four until the very end.

The #1 New York Times Best Seller, We Don’t Eat Our Classmates is too good to read only once!

We are introduced to Penelope Rex on the first page.  Penelope is a very cute little T. rex and she is nervous …. you see, it’s her first day of school.

She worries about what her classmates will be like and how many teeth they will have. 

Her mum has bought her a new backpack with ponies on it.  Ponies are her favorite because Ponies are delicious. Her dad packs her 300 tuna sandwiches.

Penelope was very surprised to find that her classmates were CHILDREN!

‘’So she ate them. Because Children are delicious.’’

Mouth bulging her teacher scolds Penelope and tells her, ‘’We don’t eat our classmates! Please spit them out at once!’’

When she gets home, she tells her dad that none of the children wanted to play with her.

‘’Penelope Rex,’’ her father asked. ‘’Did you eat your classmates?’’

‘’Well …. Maybe sort of just a little bit,’’ she replies.

She tries really hard not to eat her classmates the next day, but just couldn’t stop herself.

Until, she sticks her finger in the class goldfish bowl and learns what it feels like to be chomped.

Once Penelope finds out what it’s like to be someone’s snack, she loses her appetite for children.

When it comes to children’s picture books, sometimes the story is good and the illustrations are so-so. Other times, the illustrations carry a pretty bland story all the way through to the end.  Author and Illustrator, Ryan T. Higgins, does both VERY well with perfect comic timing.

If you really wanted to find a moral to this story, you can find one.  But really, We Don’t Eat Our Classmates is just really funny and perfect for reading out loud to kids.

This #1 New York Times Best Seller is too good to read only once!


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