What to Consider Before Getting a Family Pet


If you have kids, then you probably have been asked a thousand times; ‘can I have a pet?’.  Kids love pets but need to understand the responsibility that comes with owning one. Having owned several animals over the years, I quickly learned pets are a great addition to the family. However, pets come with a lot of responsibility that the entire family must be willing to take on. You don’t want your son’s turtle to suddenly become your turtle that you and you only clean up after.

Here is a list of what you are going to want to consider before getting a pet.


  • Shelter verses pet store versus private owner– Purchasing a pet can be expensive. If you decide to buy a pet, you need to consider purchasing options. Shelter fees vary, but most include shots. Purchasing a pet from a pet shop can be expensive, but you’ll know exactly the animal’s history.. However, if money is an issue, purchasing a pet from an individual may be the best option.  If you really want a pet, weigh your options carefully and make sure you can be in it for the long term.
  • Vet visits- Owning a pet means a lot of vet visits. Pets need shots to stay healthy, yearly office visits and if sick, pets may need pricey medicine or surgery. When considering getting a family pet, consider the expense of vet visits before making your decision. if you decide to purchase a family pet, you may want to consider pet insurance.
  • Food- Pets need to be fed on a daily basis, usually more than once a day. This is definitely an added expense you’ll need to be aware of.
  • Other expenses- Grooming, toys, and other items pets may need can add up to a lot of money. Before investing in a pet, consider what your pet will need.


  • Setting time- Before getting a family pet, consider how much time is needed to care for a pet. Try to divide up responsibilities within the family so everyone can contribute.


  • Training- Pets need to be housebroken. Whose job will it be to house train a pet?
  • Walking- Some pets need to be walked. Whose job will it be to take the pet for a walk?

To buy or not to buy? That is a question that can only be answered when you know the facts about pet ownership. Know the cost, scheduling, and responsibilities of owning a pet before bringing one home.


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