Ages: 3 – 6 years old

My son asks a lot of questions! I love that he is curious about the world, but he often asks things to which I have no answer.

“Why is nanny so short? Is it because God finished making her early?”

“Does Rusty only understand whistling? Is that why he keeps ignoring me? When will I be able to whistle?” (Rusty is our Golden Retriever)

“Do diggers sleep? And then wake up when you put fuel in them in the morning?”

Where do Speedboats Sleep at Night? is a great bed-time read for any child full of curious questions. It’s sure to become a fast favorite!

Where do Speedboats Sleep at Night? is written in rhyme, making it easy to keep little ones engaged.  The book follows through a series of questions about boats and where they sleep at night.

“Where do speedboats sleep at night after a day of nonstop speeding?

Do moms say, ‘Turn off your motor – it’s time for bedtime reading?’”

We follow the various boats, each beautifully illustrated with gentle faces. There are sailboats, fire-boats and cruise ships.

There are canoes, tugboats, coastguard boats and ferryboats.  Not to mention carriers and submarines.

All of the boats are depicted as ‘young’ boats who are going to bed for the night.  Where do Speedboats Sleep at Night? is posed entirely in questions and it’s not until the last page that a question is answered, indicating to your own child that its time to go to sleep!

“Where do your boats sleep at night when the time for bed is here?

You’ll sleep cozy in your cabin while they’re docked by Bathtub Pier!”

Brianna Caplan Sayres has written Where Do Speedboats Sleep at Night? in a series that also includes Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?, Where Do Diggers Celebrate Christmas?, Where Do Steam Trains Sleep at Night?, and Where do Jet Planes Sleep at Night?

Christian Slade illustrates this book and others in the series, with a distinct classic look that is suitable for young readers.  The boats all feature friendly faces and if you look closely, you will find a familiar character of a small mouse on every page.

Where do Speedboats Sleep at Night? is a great things that go themed bed-time story. It’s sure to engage any child full of curiousity and gently remind them it’s time to sail off to dreamland.

This book is ideal for any family with kids that love things that go!


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